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Several months ago, Google announced and then canceled the deletion of third-party cookies. The announcement, along with Apple’s new opt-out option for data tracking, pushed many companies into uncharted territory when it comes to identifying audiences and delivering messages.

“I monitor Google’s overall volatility and how much they test and experiment from month to month. I have long said that Google will end up rolling out a major algorithm update every 30 days and I think we are very. let’s see new snippets and new filters tested every week and great amounts of features coming in and going out, especially the PAA results and the new indented results which made the landscape very different week after week and month after month. Companies must remain vigilant and invest in this channel now if they haven’t or risk being left behind, ”said Patrick Reinhart, vice president of customer service, Conductor.

Organic search strategies are an option for brands struggling to find the right balance in their communications with customers. This is because organic search is all about the reputation of the business; those with strong business practices, proven performance, and good customer reviews will naturally filter towards the best results, making them more visible to the consumer.

“Your position in the SERPs is your reputation and without the ability to follow people’s every move it will make businesses care more about that reputation and the data they can pull from it. Data from the organic will start to flow. be integrated into more campaigns as this will become a barometer of how business customers interact with and find them. More money and marketing effort will be spent on creating content and authority that will only do ‘help our space grow,’ said Reinhart.

From a strategic standpoint, Reinhart believes that brands should:

● Do what’s right for your site, not what’s right for someone else’s site.
● Build an infrastructure to ensure your SEO campaign can grow, thrive and survive. (i.e. people, processes, metrics, technology, membership, it’s all in place)
● Watch out for boring stuff, 99% of the time that’s the difference between winning and losing.

And remember, while Google may have refused the deletion of third-party cookies – at least so far – that doesn’t mean they won’t be rolling out the deletion of third-party cookies in just a few weeks. So get ready now.

“Google… will follow suit eventually. One thing I will say is that they never deploy something unless they are 99% sure that it will benefit users, so they probably don’t have the infrastructure in a good enough place. to be comfortable again, ”Reinhart said. “A good SEO practitioner will reduce the anxiety of these changes by making more plans they haven’t acted on than the ones they do, given the nature of the business. You need to be prepared for it. multiple scenarios, which is also not the case. It’s different from other channels. Better to have the plan and never use it, then not have a plan and get stuck. Don’t try to outsmart Google. You can’t. Working within the system is easier than trying to play and will lead to better results in the long run. “

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Brandon D. James